In 1968, furniture designer Gustav Ehrenreich created the Hoptimists. In accordance with the trends of the time, his figures were characterized by their bright and positive colors and appealing shapes. For a long time, designer Lotte Steffensen has been contemplating the idea of re-launching Gustav Ehrenreich’s world famous Hoptimists from the 1970’s.

Ehrenreich participated in several international arts and crafts exhibitions and was awarded a number honors, both in Denmark and abroad.

The Hoptimist’s were produced from 1968-1974. It began with the mobiles called “Birdies”. Later, “Bimble” and “Bumble” and the frogs “Kvak” and “Baby Kvak”, were introduced.

Originally, it was Ehrenreich who designed the cute and cheerful Hoptimists in the 70’s and it is in cooperation with his son, Jørn Ehrenreich, Lotte is now reinventing the universe revolving around the small figures.

For both Lotte and Jørn it has been important, that the Hoptimists will be as authentic as possible and that they are designed in the “spirit” of Gustav Ehrenreich. Emphasis has been put on the Danish design, as well as the fact that they are produced in Denmark, as was originally the case.

It will be a happy re-acquaintance for those of us, who remember the Hoptimist’s from the 70’s. Moreover, they are sure to put a smile on the face of those, who will see them for the first time.

Nov 23