After having a look through our Gianni Versace stash we thought we should feature a little write-up on one our favourite designers, focusing on the fine products we have accumulated over the years and which are now for sale on our web shop.

First, a little bit of history…Gianni Versace was born in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, in 1946, and already at a young age he was helping his mother find precious stones and gold braids with which to embroider dresses. At the age of 26 he moved to Milan to work in fashion design, which lead to his flourishing solo career which commenced in 1978 when he founded Gianni Versace S.p.A. Fusing bright colours and sex appeal with historical prints and his signature logo, the snake-entwined head of Medusa, gave him a strong and very characteristic name in the industry.
‘’When you are born in a place such as Calabria and there is beauty all around a Roman bath, a Greek remain, you cannot help but be influenced by the classical past,’’ Gianni once said. Italian Baroque, Grecian motifs and Etruscan symbols juxtaposed with, rock, pop art, metal, plastic and leather showed how Gianni was able to fuse past with present and create items and ideas which were way ahead of his time.
In 1985, Versace added the Istante label to his fashion empire. Similar in style to Gianni Versace Couture, but targeted at a less affluent and younger crowd –making it a little more affordable. The prices of the Istante collection are around 30 percent less than the principal Gianni Versace collection.

Istante lasted 11 years until his death in July 1997, and our products include the collection where he chose to replace the Medusa head with Zeus’s. First up, a pair of velvet 3D padded sneakers with canvas detailing. Second, a similar pair of demi-heel ankle booties with the same velvet 3D padding but black patent detailing.

Next, a gorgeous black leather headband with multiple Zeus head plaques and a braided leather band intertwined.
From the 90s Gianni Versace collection check out our classic black pumps with a demi-heel, pointed front, and a strap around band with three Medusa heads.

From the same era a sex bomb pair of super slim fit high waisted black double-sided trousers with a denim front and a leather backside, including gold coloured triple stitch detailing. From Versace Jeans Couture we have an 80s Western inspired black cotton shirt with the Medusa head replaced with sun gold buttons and gold stitch detailing. Here also a pair of black denim high waisted tapered trousers.

The iconic safety pin collection from 1994, made famous to the public by Liz Hurley, has in Versace’s recent spring/summer 2010 show in Milan been revitalised making it a key look for next summer. Here you can buy the real thing; a simple bias cut stretch black strap dress with safety pins, a fitted waist and a swirly skirt from the original collection. Pair this with our Gianni Versace Couture label alligator bag with long straps and Medusa head box shaped plaques and go out and grab the hottest and closest hunk to play around with…It is in fact what Gianni intended – “You dress elegant women. You dress sophisticated women. I dress sluts”

Luisa Traina

Dec 08