19-year-old boy toy, Theo, has been working with us for a year and a half. First we hired him to work in our store in Blågårdsgade, however that only lasted a mere two weeks…Theo was more interested in partying hard Friday nights which kind of clashed with Saturday shifts.

But we saw potential in the poor deluded lad and decided to use him as one our models, which has proved to be a major success. First a bit stiff, now Theo swirls and dances during shoots and always turns up with a positive attitude and big smile.

Theo’s ambitions at the moment, besides continuing his career as our Times Up boy toy, are to grow his hair a bit longer so he can wear it in a pony tail, and to get some more tattoos. Right now he has two small tattoos, which were homemade with Indian ink, under each arm…"so mom and dad cant see them."

Today superstar Trine is taking pictures, even though she has been lying sick in bed for the last week, and Sara co-owner of Times Up is styling away. We are shooting autumn/winter styles, mixing classic brown cord blazers with sailor and white cable knits. Classic oilskin Barbour jackets have been selling super well so have thrown in a couple of these too. Tip for Barbour’s – steam them – it gives them a great supple texture. Vests over sweaters paired with black denim and military boots was a key look.

Luisa Traina

Feb 01